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New Year greeting of 2014


        Accompanied by 2014 the first round of the sunrise of the east, I will speak loudly to employees of our company: Happy New Year! Express our sincerely thanks to the hard work of employees for the company's development, saying: you were laborious!
Busy and full of passion in 2013 has been in casual in the past, with hope and dream for ascension 2014 is coming. The first ray of sunlight tells us that the new beginning will bring you new dreams and challenges.
In the past 2013 years, each company's employees may feel the unprecedented busy and pressure. on the one hand, with the change of the society, the upgraded requirements of the industry, the new relationship between market requires has formed, at the same time, it is showed that the improvement of the old employees' sense of responsibility and the new employees' efforts and enterprising work attitude. The year 2013 has been an extraordinary year for our company. We really understand the risks and opportunities coexist, the feelings of disappointment always with hope; To further understand the direction decides the development of company, detail decides success or failure of the actual effect.
Reviewing 2013 we can find that we have achieved much development and breakthrough in safety, environment protection, energy saving and training. Especially around changeable mark environment we made our working way. Besides we made dramatic breakthrough in new business including engineering consultation and CP. All that lay a good foundation for our development.
In 2013 the most surprise things for me was professional quality promotion and the strengthening of the sense of responsibility of our staff. Part of the department manager can consciously develop the market and have ability to work independently. In the face of the complexity of the external conditions the project leader and teammates were united as one. Not only completed their work but also practiced their will. In the cultivation of talents part of sectors have made their own plan and obtained the very good implementation. Now we have a good business learning atmosphere. Each department get rid of the state and bring forth the fresh to increase efficiency.
All achievements and progress have passed. I want to say thanks again to you for your endeavor and hard word. 2014 is coming. This means that new challenges and opportunity are waiting for us. I hope in the new year everybody can know a theory- a boat sailing against the current. We can come true our development only from hard work. Our company will provide a better platform for your progress. So I think we can promote our development with the goal of promotion and development. That will make a stronger company.
In 2014, we will transfer our enterprise culture-enjoy life and happy work. We will keep generous to others. We will be harmony in diversity in our work. We will keep spirit of continuous self-improvement to transfer our love for each other. And we will have a positive team.
I hope and I believe that we will work together for advance. In the new year we will do our satisfaction and put forward an excellent team to come true our dream.
Finally, once again, I wish you all a happy New Year, family happiness, all things. 
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