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The celebration of 13th anniversary of OASIS-Climbing Dazhou Mountain and enjoying the Azalea

   April 3rd, 2015 was a sunny and lovely day with breeze, which was the 13th anniversary of OASIS. Staff were organized to climb Dazhou Mountain to celebrate such a special and meaningful day, and wish OASIS is going to flourish and shine like the Azalea blooming around the mountain.
   April is the season when Azalea is blooming. On the way to the top of mountain, pink Azaleas were in full bloom which surprised everyone. People were excited taking pictures, hoped to record such rare and amazing scenery.
After 2-hour climbing, our group reached the top of the mountain successfully. Lunch time was also sharing time, people tasted delicious food while overlooking wonderful view of the whole mountain, recalling work in company those years emotionally.
   Staff set out after lunch along another route heading to Shimen temple following the touring plan. All people talked as they walked with relax, laugh echoed through the valley. It was 1pm when everyone arrived the exit, then going on hiking to Xiugu parking lot after having a break. Although this path was plain they were exhausted because of long time walking. Finally encouragement from each other supported accomplishment of 6-kilometer hiking.
   Group entered from Xiugu at 9am, reached the top at around 11am, and returned the parking lot through hiking. This trip strengthened communication and friendship, at the same time, enjoyed the amazing scenery and enhanced will during the 6-hour and 15-kilometer hiking
   Within 13-year standing together, all of us wish a glorious future for OASIS!


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