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Center contacted with TAMU &UT Austin and signed collaboration agreement with SIS-TECH


            Recently, center director Prof.Zhao Dongfeng and a group met director Prof.M. Sam Mannan in Mary Kay O'Connor Process Safety Center of Texas A&M University, and Mr. Shakeel, the director of CCPS. Deep discussion was mainly focused on China scholarship council (CSC) of China Education Department “chemical engineering safety and environmental protection interdisciplinary talents international corporation cultivation project” and further promotion of process safety in China, and training goals, studying content of visiting program among undergraduates, graduates and visiting scholars are specified in detail. Prof.Mannan plans to visit with undergraduates from US. The first exchange group will set out to America in September.
       Our group visited University of Texas at Austin and talked with some professors of environment engineering. We center also exchange views with well-known SIS-TECH Company and Sage Environmental Consulting Company, after meeting, we signed framework collaboration agreement, in which both sides conduct collaboration in functional safety training and project consulting within future five years. Qingdao Oasis Environment & Safety Technology Co.,Ltd. is the only collaboration unit of SIS-TECH in China, and automatic safety instrument and VOCs emission reduction technology are also future collaboration directions, which provide a broad platform for consulting and research of center.
       SIS-TECH Company is a technology consulting firm specializes in accident prevention, safety automation and reliability construction, whose service includes safety technology service, training, hardware and software four sections. The company are strong and experienced in process safety technology and training.  



Professor Zhao Dongfeng and President Angela Summers signed the cooperation agreements

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